The Connection between Hip and Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain defined as pain, muscular tension, or stiffness that is localized between the lower ribs (costal margins) and the inferior gluteal folds with or without leg pain.

Its connection to the hip is by virtue of muscles, the back and the hip share bundle of muscles that work together during movement.

During movement hip motions and back work concurrently with each other and in an event there is pain in one of them it may lead to pain, compensatory movements and even fatigue a times in the muscles shared together.

How a problem in one can cause dysfunction and pain to another

  • When you have lower back pain (acute, sub-acute or chronic) the movements in your hip may be reduced and the muscles surrounding the hip joint become tense and painful.
  • If there is pain or dysfunction on your hip the mechanics of the lower back may be altered, causing pain in both hip and back.

Signs that Hip or Lower Back is the source of pain

Someone indicating pain originating from the buttock (s).

If you have back pain you are not comfortable to sit and walking eases pain.

Associate groin pain, if you have hip pain would find it difficult to walk or stand and usually find relief with rest.

Condition may affect one side of the hip and lower back and a times both sides of the hip and lower back at the same time.

When to see a doctor

Most preferably before the symptoms escalate and limit your physical function and mobility.

Treatment for Lower Back pain and Hip pain

The first line treatment option in pain management and relief is conservative management through physiotherapy, medication as prescribed by the doctor and weight management too. Surgical option in advanced cases is necessary to regain active lifestyle.

Written by;

Moses W. Katasi

Clinical Lead Physiotherapist

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